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Registration: RM50

Termly Fees: RM 500 (8weeks)

Our group classes are being conducted weekly basis throughout the year. Kindly refer to our yearly timetable for the actual class date. We believe swimming skills is a continues learning process thus, we run our swim module like a school. We encourage our students to continue their lessons throughout the year there for we offer special saving for those who pay in 3 terms or 6 terms.



Registration: RM50

Package Fees: RM 400/4sessions

Private classes are flexbile, however for each package need to complete in 5 weeks. You may arrange the class accordingly. Either once a week, twice a week or so on.




Terms & Conditions:

1. Fees must be paid prior to commencement of lessons. Your first class is also consider as trial class, you have an option to withdraw within 24hours after your first class completed.


2.PAYMENT for group classes will be in a term basis, to ensure you get the same timing for the next term kinldy arrange payment before current term end.


3. Each class should start on time, we do not entertain late comers for additional time. 


4. ABSENCE: We encourage parent to arrange your holidays accordingly to fit with your child swim class, we had already issues a year schedule to ease your plan. You may inform us early at our counter or whatsapp / email us if you can't attend on certain dates. Minimum of 24hours notice is needed to entitled for replacement.


4. REPLACEMENT: Only with early written notice of absence by filling up 'Replacement Form' will be allowed to have a replacement class. Only two (2) absences will be allowed each term and must be claimed within 2 weeks from the absence date by joining other group session.


5. Please follow all the pool regulation by using a proper swimming attire and all babies with swim diaper to keep a hygiene water all the time.


6. Disclaimer: Indemnification.  

You agree to indemnify Azmir Bin Khalid, Nurzieyana Shazmin Binti Abdul Hakim, Splash Aquatic PLT and their staff against any claims, lawsuits, proceedings, costs, damages or any losses from participating in the swimming activities or lessons with you and baby. 


7.You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of enrolment, hence it is final. Also we reseve the right to amend the above with advance notice. 

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