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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are lessons offered ?
Splash Services offers swimming lessons all year round, in indoor heated pools at Splash Aquatic Centre, No.31, Jalan Kristal 7/77, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam.

How long is the swimming lesson?
Baby group classes are 30-45 minutes, and 45-60 minutes for the Toddler group.

How many children in a class?
We believe in keeping class numbers small so that every swimmer receives the attention they deserve.

Infant classes : Maximum of 8 babies (& their carers) per class
Toddler classes: Maximum of 6 children per class.
Muslimah classes: Maximum of 6 students per class.

What is the water temperature?
Our pool heater keep the water temperature between 32 and 33 degrees which is the best temperature for babies.


What type of sanitization used for the pool?
We use Saltwater system to sanitized our water. The salt chlorinator uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolved salt (NaCl) to produce hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), which are the sanitizing agents already commonly used in swimming pools.

Do you consider age or ability when determining a child’s level?
Our primary consideration in determining your child’s level in our program, is their current ability as well as previous aquatic experience. Age is a secondary consideration, in that we will attempt to match students’ ages in a class to within two years. However, we cannot guarantee this range.

Do I have to stay at the pool while my child is having their lesson?
Yes.  All children should be accompanied by a parent/carer, who must stay at the venue for the duration of the lesson.

What should my child wear for swimming lessons ?
Girls can wear one-piece togs and boys can wear briefs or tight fitting shorts. We request that no rash vests or baggy clothing is worn , as this creates drag and adversely affects stroke technique.

Infants, and all children not yet toilet trained need to wear an aqua nappy (eg Huggies Little Swimmers). We have it available for purchase at the pool.

What gear will my child need for swimming lessons ?
All toddler level classes need to have their own pair of goggles.

How do I enrol for Baby / Toddlers / School holiday swimming ?

  • All babies from 6months to 30months will need to join our Water Introduction Module where we will have new intake every 2 months. Kindly register here!

  • Toddler 3-6 years old class may register here!

  • If an assessment is required to determine your child’s ability, we will contact you to arrange a time to conduct an assessment.

  • Private session kindly register here!

  • Muslimah class kindly register here!

  • Once registered, we will reply to your email within 48 hours working hours.

  • During the first lesson, an enrolment form is to be completed including a signature to acknowledge the term and conditions.

  • Places are only secured once full payment has been received. By completing the online registration form and receiving an invoice does not consider your place is secured. We do not hold places or accept part payments.


Do you offer make-ups or credits for missed classes?

  • We do not provide refunds or make-up class for missed lessons as a child’s place in a class is reserved solely for her/him regardless of attendance.

  • However, students who are unable to attend lessons with a minimum of 48 hours notice or for serious illness / injury and who provide a medical certificate, will receive a maximum of 1 replacement/month  toward the following terms fees.  

  • Splash Services is unable to grant refunds/transfer.


What happens if classes are cancelled?


If we cancel a class for reasons which are within our control, we will apply a credit to your account which will be deducted from your next month tuition.


How do I book my child for the next term?

  • Existing Splash students are automatically re-enrolled for the following term.

  • You will be issued with an invoice via email usually in Week 3 every month. If you DO NOT wish to re-enrol, we ask that you kindly notify us by email or on the pool side before the end of Week 3.

  • To confirm your re-enrolment, your payment must be received no later than Week 4.

  • If payment has not been received by this time, your position will be deemed vacant and offered to other applicants who are interested in securing the position.

When and how do I pay the swimming lesson for next term?
Swimming fees are required latest by THE LAST CLASS FOR each month (4th class) to secure your place for the next month.  Payment  can be made by cheque, cash or online when you receive your booking confirmation email.

Cancellation for the following term?
Cancellations received after Week 4 will be charged a RM50 administration fee.

All terms and conditions are binding once the Splash Services term commences.


Please note that the lessons are non transferable.

Do you offer any discount?

  • We offer a 10% discount for those who pay for 12 months in advance.

  • and 5% discount for those who pay for 6 months in advance.

Can my child join part way through a course of lessons?
Yes, we accept entrance into courses part way through – up to week 2 for Water Introduction Courses and anytime for toddlers.

Will I need to pay for a full course of lessons if my child starts part way through?

For Water Introduction: Yes, you will pay for a full 8 course while the remaining classes you may come for replacement.
For Toddlers: No, you will pay for the remainder of the course of lessons.

At what age should my child begin swim lessons?
We believe that children are ready to begin swim lessons in a group any time after they are 6 months old. The earlier that a child is enrolled into a Water Introduction program the better! Children who begin swim lessons before they are one year old generally accept the water more readily than older children. Fear of the water is acquired over time. The older a child is when first beginning a Water Introduction program, the more challenging it is to overcome any fear.

Remember, learning to swim is a life-saving skill–the best day to start lessons, was yesterday!

What if my child is scared or crying?
If your child is nervous or crying, please take a moment to chat with the instructor. Some children may suffer from separation anxiety, and this will go away as soon as the child gets to know and trust the instructor. A fear of new places may also cause a few tears, and this will also go away with time. Being afraid of the water is not uncommon in younger beginners, but the instructor will help your child adjust to the water through basic skills such as blowing bubbles, songs and games. With time, your child will be happy and successful in the water. Please be patient and allow the instructors and staff to work their magic with your child.

Should parent(s) be visible during the child’s lesson?
If the child is constantly asking for “Mummy or Daddy” throughout the lesson and if the teacher is having trouble competing for attention, it is generally best to have the parent “out of sight and out of mind” until the child begins to bond with and trust the teacher. Often, if the child thinks there is a sympathetic person close by who will “save them” from their “plight”, they will likely become melodramatic and emotionally distressed. We want parents to watch the entire lesson, but often prefer that they hide whenever their child becomes distracted by the possibility that Mom or Dad might bail them out of their situation.

Do you promote continuous year round swimming lessons?
Yes we believe in year round swim lessons because it has been proven that children learn to swim at a faster pace with consistency. Skipping a month or more, the child may tend to forget and need to refresh all over again.

What about holiday programs ?
During the school holidays we offer an intensive 4-5 days course (usually in the first week) specially for primary school student 7-12 years old. These provide a great way of learning and gaining skills quickly over  a short period of time in preparation for the next term. 
Details and bookings can be found here.

How quickly will my child learn how to swim?
Each child is unique and many different factors determine how quickly the child will learn to swim – the child’s developmental stage, previous experience in and around the water, as well as the child’s ability to adjust to a new environment. Please be patient and do not expect your child to make equal progress during each lesson. It is normal for a child’s learning to resemble a series of spikes and plateaus. Every child will ultimately learn to swim with proper instruction and continual support.

Please note that consistency over time is one of the keys to success. We ask that you do your best to consistently bring your child to swim class.

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