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Swim'4'Babies Classes

(6 - 30 months old)

A parent and child swimming lesson designed for the little swimmer, where parents experience bonding time. A gentle and loving approach teaches students water adjustment, water safety skills and swim skills at their own pace. Splashtastik Swim School is trained in infant swimming by Swim School International (SSI) high standard.

* Each session will consist of maximum 8 babies in a group

** Each session will be approx. 30 minuets according to baby's age and ability


Terms & Conditions:

1. Fees must be paid prior to commencement of lessons and is *non-refundable nor transferable.


2. During mum menstrual cycle, dad can replace mom instead of missing the lesson. And vice versa if dad is unable to make it at the lesson.


3. PAYMENT will be in a term basis, to ensure you get the same timing for the next term kindly arrange payment before current term end.


4. REPLACEMENT: Only with early written notice of absence by filling up 'Replacement Form' will be allowed to have a replacement class. Only two (2) absences will be allowed each term and must be claimed within 2 weeks from the absence date by joining other group session. Pool fee of RM20 applies per replacement.


5. Please follow all the pool regulation by using a proper swimming attire and all babies with swim diaper to keep a hygiene water all the time.


6. Disclaimer: Indemnification.  

You agree to indemnify Azmir Bin Khalid, Nurzieyana Shazmin Binti Abdul Hakim, Splashtastik Sdn Bhd and their staff against any claims, lawsuits, proceedings, costs, damages or any losses from participating in the swimming activities or lessons with you and baby. 


7.You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of enrolment, hence it is final. Also we reserve the right to amend the above with advance notice. 

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