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From Starter Pools to Pools Big Enough For The Whole Family and Neighborhood!!!
Beautiful, easy-to-assemble, durable, and designed for years of family and neighborhood fun, Metal Frame pools have become a backyard classic and Intex Metal Frame pools are the best in class. Nobody offers consumers more Metal Frame pools than intex. From our 10' (3.03m) starter pool, which is great for a family's first pool and perfect for smaller children, to our huge 24'(7.32m) pool which can hold all the neighbors' kids, there is an Intex Metal Frame pool for every family and for every occasion!

This line of "classics" is broad enough to meet virtually any family's requirements: from beginning swimmers to neighborhood-size holiday parties!

INTEX Metal Frame Pools

  • Each pool come with Cartridge Filter Pump and Pool Size M & L come with Pool cover and Pool Ladder too. Approx Set-Up Size Size S Pool Size: 10ft (3.05m) diameter Depth: 30" Size M Pool Size: 15ft (4.57m) diameter Depth: 36" Size L Pool Size: 15ft (4.57m) diameter Depth: 48"
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