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Easy Set Pools by Intex. Some of the easiest family & friend-size pools in the world to set up and enjoy! A fantastic value as well as the perfect pool for your families.

Perfest Starter Pool!
Are the kids ready for their first "big" pool? Intex has the answer: this unique, perfectly sized Easy Set Pool is super easy for parents to set up, and just the right size for younger kids to enjoy their first "big person" pool!

INTEX Easy Set Pools - 8ft/10ft/12ft

  • Each pool come with Cartridge Filter Pump Approx Set Up Size. Size S Pool Size: 8ft Diameter (2.44m) Depth: 30inch (76cm) Size M Pool Size: 10ft Diameter (3.05m) Depth: 30inch (76cm) Size L Pool Size: 12ft Diameter (3.66m) Depth: 36inch (91cm)
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