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Photography FAQs


What should we wear?

Our Splash Babies and their parents/carers usually come to photo shoots in whatever they wear for their weekly lessons. Your little one should wear the usual double-nappy system, but you’re welcome to put a swimming costume over the top. Don’t forget to tuck in any labels, and check that the disposable nappy is tucked out of sight!


What if I don't get a good photo?

We usually take around 9 shots of each pose for Splash Baby, so there’s almost always a special shot to melt the heart (in fact it’s usually quite difficult to choose between them all!). However, if we get none that satisfy you may either choose for another session or we will refund to you.


Can I bring my own camera to classes?

We understand that you’ll want to capture lots of precious memories, so we’re more than happy for you to bring your camera to lessons, or feel free to take pictures of your little one on your phone. But we don’t allow underwater photos, since they disrupt the lesson.


"I could probably take my own underwater photos ..."

Yes, you probably could — just like you could take your own wedding photos. But the results would be thousands of miles apart. Unless your equipment is like ours, we guarantee that your photos won’t look anything like ours! Normal underwater cameras don’t have the ultra-wide-angle perspective, so the only way to get your baby’s entire body in the shot would be to take the photo from quite a distance away. Your photo will come out quite dark, and the image will almost certainly have motion-blur. There’s a reason why we invest heavily in our cameras and studio equipment, in training highly experienced photographers, and in training teachers to be dipographers —  all just to get you that dream shot in the short time we have to submerge your baby.


What if my little one isn't a Water Baby?

We believe it’s really important for babies and toddlers to have practised submersion and built up their underwater stamina before they participate in a photo shoot. It’s also important for us all to know what your baby can do. For these reasons, photography is only available to our Splash Babies. Join our nearest Swimming Babies classes.


Can I attend a photo shoot elsewhere?

You could - but we'd never advise you to have underwater photos taken of your child without first attending a specialist baby swimming course. Submerging your baby is a practice that, whilst very safe and hugely beneficial, should only ever be done under the instruction of a fully qualified professional (or once you’ve spent time on a professional course). A baby can have numerous reactions to being placed underwater and whilst it’s a wonderful experience to observe, submersion needs to be done in a safe and controlled environment with someone on-hand to answer any queries that might arise.

At Swimming Baby Malaysia, we only photograph children we’ve taught — so we can be absolutely sure they’re ready for it. And there’s no point doing it without proper preparation and potentially upsetting your child, since neither of you would like the photo anyway.

We invest in world-class talent and cutting edge equipment to get you the very best shot of your little one swimming underwater - a spectacular image you'll treasure forever.


What's the cost?

When you book on to your photo shoot we'll ask you to pay a booking-on fee and will also tell you prices for the photos themselves. Please remember that, regardless of how many submersions your baby does, our costs for the shoot - the pool, the photographer and dipographer, the admin staff, the studio and equipment - are fixed and therefore non-refundable except we fail to get a great photos.

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