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ClickSplash by AzmirKhalid Studio

"Capture your little one in a magical underwater world"


When it comes to underwater baby and toddler photography, nobody does it better than us. Just  look at our little swimmingbabies - how cool are they! And taking your photos with us, means you'll be able to create your own wonderful pieces of artwork, where the only limit to what you can do will be your imagination ... so what will you do with yours?


We've got a pationate photographer and the best equipment to capture your little one in a magical underwater world and get you a spectacular image you’ll treasure forever. And signing up for a photo shoot and choosing your pictures couldn’t be easier!


Our fab photographer work with a whole photo shoot team to put together a professional underwater studio for each shoot, and we even have special dipographers (dip-who?) to swim your baby in front of the camera to get that perfect shot for you.


And it goes without saying that we’ll take great care of your own and your child’s protection especially when it comes to comfort, safety and security. But if you've any other queries about our underwater photo shoots, please check out our faqs below or feel free to get in touch. I can't wait to see your baby or toddler striking a pose soon - ker-SPLASH, ker-lick!


Our little Water Babies grow up so quickly, so an underwater photo makes for a unique keepsake, a wonderful gift, and a truly beautiful piece of art in its own right - and we know that you'll treasure it forever!

The best time
We schedule shoots at the end of every term, so there's always an opportunity to get a stunning photo. The best time for that classic 'Nirvana' shot everybody wants is when your baby is between 3 and 9 months old. Before then, they can be too small for the frame and any later, they tend to be such strong swimmers that it’s sometimes tricky (but not impossible) to get the shot - they just want to swim!  But don't worry - we assess every baby individually and will tell you what's going to work best for your baby.

You can then go on to have toddler, sibling and family photos taken as your Water Babies journey continues - a beautiful record of a magical time!

Strike a pose
The shoot is based on activities from your normal lessons, with the photography carefully interwoven. Over the years we've found this to be the best way of making sure both you and your baby relax, feel safe and enjoy yourselves - which in turn means we'll get the best photos we can. So after a few fun and familiar exercises to get your little one in the mood, you’ll pass them over to our dipographer who’ll swim them in front of our professionalphotographer in our underwater studio Ker-splash, ker-lick!

We’ll usually do a total of 3 submersions, (as long as you, your baby, and the team are all happy about it), with up to 3 shots on each one - meaning you'll get up to 9 images to choose from. We’re pretty darn confident that we’ll get at least one (often more) really beautiful image of your baby underwater.

Awesome images
Not that we're bragging (ok, we are), but the photos we take really are world-class — they’re very high resolution, suitable for printing up to any size (side of a house, anyone?), and our processing and production facilities are the very best in the land. Every inch of what we do goes towards making you go ‘wow!’ - we love that bit!

Decisions, decisions ...
Now this is really exciting - it's when you’ll get to see your images for the very first time and choose all your favourites for your DigiStick! We’ll always be on hand to answer any questions (and to offer a second opinion if you want it). And if you really can’t decide, don’t worry – since we’ll hold onto your pictures for several years, you can ‘bank’ them now and then buy them later.

So - ready to book yet?



It goes without saying that if you want a fabulous shot of your baby or toddler swimming underwater, you'll need a fabulous underwater photographer. That’s why we hire only the very best and most experienced photographers - they're some of the best in the world at what they do - and then we train them for another year on top of that!

Ultra-professional photographers
Most of our photographers started out as scuba-divers and then took up underwater photography professionally. Many have won awards for their photos; others have published books with underwater photography; some have worked for the BBC or the MoD; one has filmed Doctor Who, and some have worked with the likes of Angelina Jolie and Bear Grylls. So rest assured that they really do know their onions!

They have to be top-notch!
Trust us - taking photos of babies and toddlers, underwater, isn't as easy as everyone thinks!

  • Our Water Babies wriggle around underwater—and then pop to the surface like a cork! So there isn’t much time, and they don’t exactly pose for the shot.

  • Sounds obvious, but water is wet and can get into the equipment. And lighting conditions underwater are pretty tricky too. Believe it or not, it's actually easier to take a photo in space - if you've got a rocket to get you there - than it is underwater!

  • Our photographers don't just point and click - they need to be able to hold their breath, lower their heart rate, handle heavy equipment and keep their hands steady. All while trying to capture that unforgettable shot in a split-second, and in focus!

  • And as well as being able to put small children at their ease, they work closely with our highly trained dipographers (dip-who?), watching to see how your baby moves underwater and adjusting their techniques accordingly.

So you see, when it comes to getting that stunning photo of your baby or child swimming underwater, you really couldn’t be in better hands. Ker-splash, ker-lick!

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When we photograph your baby or toddler swimming underwater, we don’t just pop below the surface and take a quick snap with a little hand-held camera. Instead, we pop together 12 poles, 6 brackets, 44 bungee cords and a bespoke blue canvas to create a 9m² otter den. We then add two lighting arms, rigged up with clever lights which are capable of rapidly firing off 3 shots per second. A few secret wires and funny gizmos later and - hey presto! We've transformed an ordinary swimming pool into a professional underwater studio. It takes us a while, but it's pretty cool!

Our photographers use state-of-the-art cameras (Nikon D700 or equivalent, to be precise!) which are enclosed in water-tight housings - and they need to work quickly to get the best chance of a fantastic shot and to keep our Babies happy.

The show will go on…
We maintain our equipment very carefully — and it also gets upgraded regularly to keep pace with the latest technological developments. All of our photographers carry extensive spares and can quickly replace any troublesome parts, should the need arise. And that means the show can go on!

We’re one step ahead!
Don’t worry. Your precious pictures are doubly safe: one of the reasons we're so specific about the cameras we use is that there are two memory cards in each one, and we save every photo to both cards. One card goes off to the processing house, where they also copy it (twice), and we keep the other one very safely up our knicker-leg!

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